FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in international work. How can I become more involved with NBCC‑I?

NBCC‑I offers opportunities to learn and engage with communities internationally through our institutes and Mental Health Facilitator programs.

As someone looking for opportunities abroad, I’m wondering whether NBCC‑I has specific information on counseling status or developments in other countries.

NBCC‑I has collaborated with a number of entities internationally and maintains a general familiarity with the mental health profession worldwide. As rules and regulations vary across countries and tend to change, we recommend contacting the country’s counseling or mental health associations or organizations for specific details.

Can I become a member of NBCC‑I?

NBCC‑I is a division of the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), which serves board certified counselors (NCCs). Thus, you can benefit from NBCC‑I programs and opportunities simply by virtue of being an NCC. Counselors who are not NCCs and other mental health professionals also can participate in some NBCC‑I programs.