Elena Amalia Jansel

Business Development Director, NBCC-I

As business development director for NBCC International, Dr. Jansel coordinates efforts to increase brand awareness, bring in new customers, sustain public relations activities, and design and implement NBCC and CCE programs and projects internationally.

Dr. Jansel first worked with NBCC-I as a graduate assistant in 2006. She contributed to career counseling and mental health–related projects until September 2011, when she relocated to Lisbon, Portugal where she worked with the European Board for Certified Counselors (EBCC), the European division of NBCC-I. She holds a strong interest in the development of career counseling in Romania and the rest of Europe. As one of the first Global Career Development Facilitators (GCDFs) in her country of Romania, her doctoral thesis provided the first empirical validation of the GCDF program in Romania.

Dr. Jansel has successfully applied her experience from teaching and supervising in the United States to the needs of practitioners in Europe. Dr. Jansel has practiced mental health counseling in a variety of settings, including middle school, high school, college and outpatient care. She obtained the National Certified Counselors (NCC) credential in 2008. She is Career Development Facilitator international master trainer since 2010, Certified Supervision Professional master trainer since 2011, Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) and Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) master trainer since 2012, and Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPC-A) in North Carolina since 2015. Additionally, Dr. Jansel holds memberships in several national and international counseling organizations.

Dr. Jansel holds a bachelor’s degree in management and public administration from the Academy of Economic Studies (2001) and a master’s degree in career counseling from Polytechnic University (2005), both in Bucharest, Romania. She earned a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Wake Forest University in 2008 and a doctorate in counseling and counselor education from Syracuse University in 2012.

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