Jacqueline Chazema

Member, NBCC International Advisory Council

Jacqueline Chazema was appointed to the NBCC International (NBCC-I) Advisory Council in 2016. Previously, she worked closely with NBCC-I as the Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) international coordinator for the Guidance, Counselling and Youth Development Centre for Africa (GCYDCA) in Lilongwe, Malawi. In this collaboration, Dr. Chazema organized and facilitated numerous MHF trainings in Malawi. She is also a registered MHF master trainer.

Dr. Chazema is currently the deputy executive director for GCYDCA, where she oversees the MHF partnership and the development of the Africa University for Guidance, Counselling, and Youth Development, established by GCYDCA. She currently serves as this new university’s principal. She has been a senior lecturer at Domasi College of Education (DCE) since 2003, focusing on teaching, supervising, coordinating guidance and counseling programs, and conducting gender trainings.

Dr. Chazema’s multi-faceted professional background includes positions as the dean of faculty of education for DCE, the national secretary for the Network of Teacher Educators Responding to AIDS–Malawi Chapter, and various consultancy projects since 2006. Her research experience includes HIV and AIDS awareness, academic development, and the promotion of mental health. She has authored and co-authored mental health training manuals both specific to Malawi and for Africa as a whole.

Dr. Chazema received both her bachelor’s degree in education and master of education in educational psychology from the University of Malawi. She completed her Ph.D. in leadership and management studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa. Dr. Chazema has also received honorary degrees from the University of Malawi in educational psychology and the University of Western Cape, South Africa in a teaching and AIDS pandemic blended course. Furthermore, she has received recognition as the Goodwill Ambassador for Guidance and Counselling in Africa, the vice president of the African Association of Counsellors, and the vice chair and cofounder of the African Guidance and Counselling Journal.