NBCC International Fellows

The NBCC International Fellows program represents NBCC International's intentional effort to foster the professional development of counselors who may assume leadership positions in the globalized counseling profession. The program has been conducted twice and has proven to be a success in facilitating the development of international counseling relationships. Read more about the history of the Fellows program.

It is NBCC International's belief that as counseling continues to develop in response to the global economy and as counselors are increasingly asked to respond to mental health crises, having counseling leaders in place around the world is critical.

NBCC International Fellows Program Goals

  1. Establish a base under which cross-national research and advocacy relationships can flourish,
  2. Mentor counselors interested in the globalization of professional counseling, and
  3. Support Fellows in their work to disseminate knowledge about counseling in their home countries.

(L-R): Dr. Chieko Koyama, Nikolai Ermakov, Kyoung Mi Choi, Ana Gouveia, Maria Dipal,
Arline Edwards-Joseph, Dr. Huda Ayyash-Abdo, & Sachin Jain