International Counseling Encounter, Cuba 2011

Recently, members of the NBCC Board and staff from NBCC and NBCC International traveled to Havana in response to an invitation from the Cuban Psychologist Society to attend and present in the International Counseling Encounter, Cuba 2011. The encounter—the first of its kind in Cuba—was celebrated April 26-27, 2011. Also participating in the event were representatives from Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela.

The International Counseling Encounter gathered an enthusiastic multidisciplinary audience to learn from different presenters on different counseling topics in Cuba and the region. Presentations included topics such as epistemological and praxeological reflections; counseling and community action; professional, vocational and educational counseling; quality in the exercise of the practice of counseling; counseling and its application in clinical and health work; and teaching and training in counseling.

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