VI Counseling Congress of the Americas, November 2010

The VI Counseling Congress of the Americas was celebrated in Mexico City on November 4 to 6, 2010, with a theme of the Role of the Counselor who Faces Diversity. The congress gathered counselors, students, and related professionals at the Universidad Iberoamericana and the Universidad de las Américas de Ciudad de México. Participants traveled from Argentina, Cuba, various states in Mexico, Venezuela and the United States to attend and present topics related to diversity in individuals, education, communities, families, and work environments. The VI congress was sponsored by the Universidad Iberoamericana, the Universidad de las Américas de Ciudad de México, the Asociación Mexicana de Orientación Psicológica y Psicoterapia (The Mexican Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy; AMOPP) and NBCC International.

This year the congress also coincided with the 2nd Encounter of AMOPP. This association is dedicated to promoting the responsible and ethical practice of counseling in Mexico. Representatives from NBCC and NBCC-I were invited to present and participate in panels and workshops, and had the opportunity to take part in discussions regarding diversity and multiculturism related to the many varied contexts that counselors face in Latin America and other world regions.

The annual Counseling Congress of the Americas in past years has been held in Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. The VII congress is tentatively scheduled for December 2011 to be held in Maracaibo, Venezuela and sponsored by the Federación de Asociaciones Venezolanas de Orientadores (The Federation of Venezuelan Counselors Association).

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